Liminal beings in a monolithic dream.


Reality is the most persistent dream and the only one not to require the presence of a dreamer.

Hypnothalamus combines the flow of dreams with the hyperlucidity of pure thought. The creations are dual, both metaphor and possible evolution of real beings in an eccentric reality. To live in such a realm one needs to first survive the cataclysm of adaptation, which always leaves its deep imprints in the mind and body of these creatures. This creates an exotic and violent beauty, that of life continuously menaced by extinction and forced to regenerate itself at each step.

Technique :: combination of traditional drawing and digital painting.


We are all oblivious to invisible winds.

A caleidoscope of drawings, sketches... desperately trying to keep up with my mind's output of ideas. Perfecting shapes, rediscovering colors.

Technique :: traditional drawings in graphite, pastel pencil and ballpoint pen.


The shapes of impossible dreams.

The sculptures cover subjects from different periods of my artistic creation. I first worked in kaolin, mostly shaping objects with my hands and occasionally using tools for fine details, then I started to mix different media: metal, wood, polymer clays, hardened tissue, found objects, which gave me more freedom of expression.

Technique :: traditional sculpture.


Do not be afraid of dreamers, fear the one who is truly awake.

I started to create art by harvesting images that came to mind spontaneously, like sudden bursts of lucidity. This coalescence of thoughts lead to the first mindscapes. When I became more analytical, something that I owe mostly to my scientific education, I realized they group around certain themes and ideas that would continue to appear all through my art. The subjects always probe the limits of reality, the finite but immense pool of possibilities in a physical universe. This was the first resonance. I was finally awake...

The album combines art from two periods separated by a decade: Mindscapes and Somnium.

Technique :: mostly traditional drawings in pencil, ballpoint pen and painting with watercolors.


Change is inevitable.

This marks the first change in style from the organic shapes of Mindscapes to hard solid constructs. I do my first abstractizations of shapes, though there were a few attempts in this direction even before. As I dwell in the newly found geometric realm, I also start to eliminate a lot of the background and focus only on the object. Even though it was not the themes that evolved significantly, this period was the first major change and it came so unexpectedly, that I only noticed it towards the end, at an exhibition combining works from both Mindscapes and Metamorphoses. This was the second resonance.

Technique :: mostly traditional drawings in pencil and ballpoint pen with a few digital elements.


The zen crises.

Crises is built on opposites, both in theme and technique. It marks one of the fundamental moments of the creating act, the turn, when something is about to change and the mind is still divided between the confort of the past and the excitement and fear of things to come.

Technique :: monochrome traditional drawings and digital photographs, often combined with violent red.


Paint calligraphy.

These are different attempts to achieve painterly effects either in traditional or digital media.

Technique :: traditional and digital painting.


I am a student of shape.

I use generation techniques, computer programming or 3D sculpting to create objects and patterns.

Technique :: computer programming, 3d sculpting.